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you know i said i'd hate your name in a song it doesn't mean that we can't try to get along it's sometimes funny when we talk warm and runny could this be love? i couldn't say at least not today and now i've gone and put your name in a song all the girls and boys at home could sing along i'd never say never just not today it's sometimes easier to walk away i will return to get my fingers burned
i think i’m a little in love but i don’t know what to say maybe it’s just a bug that’ll clear up in a day you should’ve been aquarius but you came two weeks early your mam got crushed in the January sales; a premature delivery just so you know I’m waiting for you, so don’t fall in love in spain french boys they’ll just make you blue, italians’ll bring you shame
a letter from a girl far away knew her briefly it was a bank holiday shared together half a can of coke then she told me that she had another bloke she always keeps a boy in every town she goes i hope this time she brings more than a weekend's clothes with my heart a-broken i went to new york i telephoned so we could talk bought channel but it wasn't for me underneath the duvet in front of tv
Canada Girl 02:22
ontario, how she loved me so with sun in her eyes, and maple smile sweet alberta, she’ll lead me by my hand over rocky hills, through broken windmills do do do, snow, sun, love and two oceans nova scotia, she’ll never let me go over misty falls, over misty falls
wish you were here your teardrops never seemed so clear wish you were here you brighten up my day my dear three girls my life's in a whirl at least i know it's true kindalike candlelight it all comes back to you we talk all the time it doesn't seem enough we talk all night what i wouldn't give to feel your touch day trips and flavoured dips anywhere with you no red wine but texting time i get the message through
so i'm sitting waiting for you something i always seem to do waiting for my time to come round waiting for the sun to go down killing all my precious time when i could be with you one hundred miles today i'm stuck in yesterday i look into another world dressed up you're the finest girl four days i'm alone again i should be with you the city lights shine for you cut through the bullshit get to what's true the city lights shine for you that's what i told them to do to shine and sparkle for you so i'm sitting waiting for you something i always seem to do i look into another world dressed up you're the finest girl dreaming of the summer when i came back all new
may i set the scene for you? not so long ago a lighted hallway maybe we should go outside and i though the chance had gone thought i'd let it go diana ross she asks me 'where did our love go?' and I thought it might happen and I hoped that we might be falling softly into the blue little miss sunshine and me may i set the scene for you? three in a row this time oh this time, i think that you already know i'd place you on a pedestal i'd place you on cd i'd place you in that special place that only you can see and I thought it might happen and I dreamed that we might be falling softly into the blue little miss sunshine and me
WLTM 01:59
woke up this morning a wee bit down best put on my dressing gown fell in the river as i walked down the street she's the kind of girl i'd like to meet i can't recall the last time i bought flowers for a girl going back to mother's day or christmas for aunt shirl i tried to give my heart away three times at least his year i draw a smiley mirror face he cries a condensation tear
the girl in my room is a sunderland supporter she's living off of benefits she's bringing up my daughter i always phone her when i'm drunk though i know i shouldn't oughta now she's driving round the town in the coat i never bought her why does this happen to me? i guess i'm a fool tried to write a song but my mandolin is broken doesn't really matter it'd only be a token i turn her on, i turn her off, now her pilot light is broken staring at the kids, they're playing in the road traded in my monkey for a single cigarette and yes since you ask, there was one something else


released May 10, 2010


all rights reserved



Jonny Fun & The... Hesitations Ireland

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